Not all cabbages are created equal. . .

It's obviously healthier to eat food free from toxic chemicals rather than food laced with pesticides, antibiotics, heavy metals and other contaminants – and it's also healthier to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit rather than highly-processed foods, organic or not.

Vegetables and fruit contain most of the micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc.) that we need for optimum health. It’s therefore important that the veges and fruit we consume contain high levels of these micro-nutrients, and are not just empty bags of fibre and water.

Recent scientific studies comparing the nutrient content of organic and non-organic produce in a rigorous way find that organic foods are, for example, significantly higher in a range of anti-oxidants.

Organic dairy foods also have a better nutritional profile, as well as being free from chemical and biological contaminants.

Organic really is a healthier choice. 

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