organic is safer

Do you prefer your food without chemicals implicated in causing cancer, birth defects, reproductive dysfunction, neurological diseases, asthma, diabetes and other forms of ill-health?

Organic growers and consumers first began making that choice over 50 years ago, and now millions of consumers around the world choose organic because they want safe, toxin-free food.

Safer for farm workers

Farmers and consumers who go organic are also helping make life better for millions of farm workers worldwide, many of whom are required to apply pesticides without adequate training or protective clothing. Thousands of lives are lost and tens of thousands ruined every year as a result.

Unsafe pesticide application affects not just the workers, but also their families and the communities where they live, which are subject to spray drift and groundwater pollution. 

Safer for the environment

Organic farming standards place severe restrictions on the use of chemicals to control pests and diseases, and farmers are required to develop healthy soils to support a diversity of healthy plants and animals – nature's way of keeping everything in a healthy balance.

Safer for families

This way of farming with nature means that eating an organic diet does reduce your intake of toxic chemicals. Studies on children (who are especially vulnerable to persistent exposure to poisons due to their smaller size and critical stages of development) comparing the levels of pesticides present in the bodies of those eating organic and non-organic diets, found that pesticides are significantly lower or not present at all in children eating an organic diet.

What's good for kids is good for the whole family – organic really is a safer choice.

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