Frequently Asked Questions


Organic farming is based on four principles:

  • Health
  • Ecology 
  • Fairness 
  • Care

These principles express the contribution that organic agriculture can make to the world. They are inter-connected ethical principles that inspire the organic movement in all its diversity. They guide the development of our positions, programmes and standards. Here's what they mean:

Principle of Health

Healthy food from organic farming systems builds healthy humans. Healthy food starts with healthy soil and pure water that support healthy plants and animals.

Principle of Ecology

Healthy farming is based on emulating and sustaining natural systems.

Principle of Fairness

Healthy societies are based on equity, respect and justice for all living things.

Principle of Care

A healthy future means caring for the generations to come byprotecting and restoring land and water to good health.

For more information on the principles and how they are put into practice download the Principles of Organic Agriculture brochure.