production advice & support for organic farmers & growers

Advice and support for organic producers or those considering going organic is available from:

  • organic certifying agencies
  • organic farmer and grower groups 
  • organic divisions of primary industry organisations
  • the Future Farming Centre 
  • organic consultants

New Zealand's organic certifying agencies and organic farmer and grower groups are members of OANZ – see Our Members for who they are and how to contact them. At present Wine NZ is the only primary industry organisation that has an organic division (Organic Winegrowers NZ).,

Organic farmer and grower groups are organised by their farming speciality (e.g. the Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group, the Certified Organic Kiwifruit Association) and by locality (e.g. the Southern Organic Group, which covers Otago and Southland organic farmers, and the Far North Organic Growers and Producers Society, which covers the top part of Northland).

OANZ recommends that anyone thinking about making the transition to organics makes contact with organic producers in their locality, visits their properties, and talks through what's involved with them first. It may also be possible to attend an organic field day, workshop or farm tour.

Some groups have mentoring programmes, and they will also be able to put you in touch with consultants and other advisors. If after doing this initial research you are still keen to press on with organics, then make contact with a certifying agency and set the process of transition in motion.