Mar 30, 2016

Local supply must grow to meet organic demand

New Zealand organic production needs to keep up with new local and global food trends, says Market Report Gold sponsor, Purefresh Organic.

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Posted by: oanz

It is our great pleasure to sponsor the 2016 edition of the New Zealand Organic Market Report.

This report measures and monitors the state of the New Zealand organic sector, both at production and consumption levels, in New Zealand and overseas. We believe that tracking progress is important and valuable, and, if the report mirrors what we have been experiencing at Purefresh Organic* for the last 20 or so years, the New Zealand organic story is indeed a successful one.

When we dreamt of a brand of fresh fruit and vegetables for New Zealand consumers back in 1997, we were driven by the vision of a future where all Kiwis could walk around the produce department of their preferred shopping outlet and have the choice of an organic option for every type of produce that was on display.Purefresh Organic asparagus

The quest to realise our dream is not over yet. Despite continuous growth and expanding markets both locally and overseas, we need to ensure we meet our customers’ ever increasing demand for variety and choice that is fuelled by both habit and a craving for innovation. New Zealand organic production needs to keep up with new local and global food trends in order to continue to grow the market for New Zealand fresh produce.

Kiwis deserve the best New Zealand has to offer and they increasingly are choosing to put organics in their shopping basket.  At Purefresh we are making sure consumers have meaningful, tasty and healthy choices.

We are proud to be part of this year’s report and look forward to contributing to the ongoing growth of the NZ organic market in 2016 and in years to come.

 *Purefresh Organic is Fresh Direct’s own brand of certified organic fruit and vegetables.