Mar 15, 2016

Over 500 organic products at Coundown

In response to the surge in consumer demand for organics, Market Report Gold sponsor Countdown (Progressive Enterprises) now offers over 500 organic products in a range that's continuing to expand.

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Posted by: oanz

The popularity of organic products is continuing to grow, with almost half of Countdown’s customers picking up an organic item as part of their shop over the last year.

Our three biggest selling organic products are:

  1. Banana Fairtrade Organic 850g
  2. Naturalea Organic Whole Milk 1L
  3. Macro Organic Almond Milk 1L

With sales increasing by over 20% and the number of customers buying organic products increasing by around 5% over the last financial year, we’re working hard to make sure we meet the demand.

To do this, we’re continuing to extend our organic product range, particularly through our own brand product, Macro.Countdown's Macro product range

The Macro range, which currently includes around 40 organic products, is sold exclusively at Countdown and is becoming increasingly popular with the number of customers purchasing these products rising by over 15%.

With the increased demand for organic and health food products, we are continuing to extend our product range, improve our store layout and create dedicated health food sections in even more of our stores. Over 75 of our stores now have these dedicated health food sections, with an aim to roll these out into 129 stores by 2017.

Our customers want their organic products to be easily accessible and cost effective. With over 500 organic products on offer in a range that is continuing to expand, Countdown is a great place to shop organic.