Aug 4, 2016

New board for OANZ

A new board and new possibilites for the organic sector have come from the 2016 OANZ AGM.

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Posted by: oanz

The 2016 OANZ AGM was a resounding success, with new rule changes accepted, including the opening of membership to organisations with some organic connections. 

Members of the new OANZ board are:

  • Doug Voss - Chair (Certified Organic Kiwifruit Growers Assn/COKA)
  • Donald Nordeng - Vice Chair (BioGro)
  • Nicolas Brown (Organic Winegrowers New Zealand)
  • Barbara Harford (OrganicFarmNZ)
  • Richard Lees (Huckleberry Farms)
  • Mark Levick (OrganicFarmNZ)

Brendan Hoare will continue as the organisation's Chief Executive Officer.

Over the next 12 months, OANZ will continue working with government to regulate the use of the term "organic", along with simplifying the organic certification process and making certified organic produce easier to recognise by adopting a single national standard.

Attendees at the 2016 OANZ AGM, Villa Maria Estate, Auckland, 15 July 2016