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Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in New Zealand (Inc)

Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in New Zealand (Inc)

The New Zealand Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association (Inc) is a membership-based organisation promoting biodynamic methods. We’re passionate about the quality of our food, the welfare of our animals and responsible stewardship of our environment.

Contact person: David Wright, Secretary

Postal Address: PO Box 356, Martinborough, 5741

Email: info@biodynamic.org.nz

Phone: +64 6 306 8582

Website www.biodynamic.org.nz




BioGro is committed to ensuring a sustainbale future for producers and consumers. As New Zealand's leading organic certification agency, we certify more than 70% of all farms and exports. Let us help you get better value for your products either with the BioGro Programme for small scale, local and trans-Tasman sales or the BioGro International Programme for access to the largest organic markets in Europe, Taiwan the U.S and Japan.

Contact person: Donald Nordeng, CEO of BioGro

Postal Address: PO Box 9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141, New Zealand

Email: info@biogro.co.nz

Phone: +64 4 801 9741

Website www.biogro.co.nz


Organic Exporters Association of New Zealand

Organic Exporters Association of New Zealand

Our membership network is diverse and includes a mix of New Zealand’s largest exporters through to smaller family based operations as well as the New Zealand organic certifiers and regulators. The five core purposes that we function for are: arranging simple economic pathways to international markets, provide direction to the Ministry of Primary Industries for prioritisation of work undertaken for the organic export sector, be the voice for organic exporters to government officials and organic foreign buyer representatives, encourage and support export growth by providing regular market reports and networking opportunities to organi cexporters and coordinate approaches to trading and certification issues as they arise.

Contact person: Rick Carmont, Executive Director

Postal Address: PO Box 936, Palmerston North, 4440

Email: rick.carmont@organictradenz.com

Phone: +64 6 325 8125

Website www.organictradenz.com


Organic Farm New Zealand (OFNZ)

Organic Farm New Zealand (OFNZ)

OrganicFarmNZ (OFNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation. Our mandate is to increase the community’s understanding of organic principles and the practise of organic gardening and farming in New Zealand.

Our main role is to provide organic certification to primary producers, processors and packhouses whose products are only sold in New Zealand.

Gardening and farming organically has benefits for our health, the welfare of animals and the state of our environment.

Postal Address: PO Box 340002, Birkenhead, Auckland

Email: manager@organicnz.org.nz

Phone: +64 9 419 4536

Website www.organicfarm.org.nz


Organic Winegrowers New Zealand

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand

Organic grape and wine production is flourishing in New Zealand. Many of the country's most renowned quality producers are now certified organic or biodynamic. Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is a grower-led organisation dedicated to encouraging and supporting organic wine growing. OWNZ engages in research and educational projects to support growers, and also works to promote New Zealand organic and biodynamic wines to the world.

Contact person: Rebecca Reider, National Coordinator

Email: coordinator@organicwinegrowers.org.nz

Phone: +64 (0) 27 359 4522

Website: www.organicwinenz.com


Soil & Health Association

Soil & Health Association

The Soil & Health Association is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand and one of the oldest organic organisations in the world, established in 1941.

We are committed to advocating our maxim "Healthy Soil - Healthy Food - Healthy People" and to creating an organic New Zealand for us all now and for future generations.

Contact person: Linda Samways, Association Manager

Postal Address: PO Box 340002, Birkenhead, Auckland, 0746

Email: info@organicnz.org.nz

Phone: +64 9 419 4536

Website www.organicnz.org.nz


Organic Traders Association of New Zealand

Organic Traders Association of New Zealand

We are a national group of organic traders, retailers and wholesalers. We have partnered with BioGro to develop New Zealand's first joint Organic Retail Certification Scheme, allowing stores to get organic certification at a reduced price and to share management plans and fees, and a unified approach to labelling, handling and representation of organic products in the retail market.

We meet to discuss common topics of interest, share information and best practice and problem solving. Together we have decades of trade experience and a great passion for organics in New Zealand.

Our aim is to develop and share best practices within our industry so that organic continues to grow in this country with integrity and vision.

Contact person: Marion Wood, Chair

Email: marion@commonsenseorganics.co.nz

Phone: +64 4 801 0098