About OANZ

Who we are

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) is the national voice of the New Zealand organic sector. Our member organisations include organic producers, processors, consumers, exporters and domestic traders.

As the organic sector’s representative body, OANZ delivers leadership, coordination and advocacy at a national level. We actively promoting organics as good for our health, our communities, our environment and our economy.

OANZ supports the vision of our member organisations to develop New Zealand into a place where:

  • All farmers and growers use sustainable, safe and clean biological means of producing food and fibre

  • Consumers have ready access to organic food – and public health improves as a result

  • Our water, soil and air are not polluted by farming, and our native plants and animals are protected, not endangered, by agricultural activities

  • Farm animals enjoy the highest welfare standards

  • Farmers and growers and the workers they employ are respected for their knowledge and skills, for the quality food they produce, and for their environmental stewardship, and earn a good living from their work